Yankee Candle fall 2018

Season after season, from reliving favorite memories to setting a mood, we share your passion for fragrance. It’s what drives Yankee Candle to search the world for fresh inspiration in creating evocative, long-lasting scents that will help make your house feel like home.

The Yankee Candle® Fragrance Experience
Create a warm welcome… with Yankee Candle.
They just love creating fragrance and accents that make your home inviting. Family gatherings, friend drop-ins and the holidays… so many opportunities throughout the year to connect with those you love. Connections you can make even brighter with welcoming fragrance, on-trend accents, and those special finishing touches.

Casual sophistication.
These two words drive all that Yankee Candle does. Everything they offer, from their high-quality fragrances to our décor accents, is designed to have that just-right appeal… to make your home so cozy and inviting that you may never want to leave!

Yankee Candle will jump through a hoop or two for quality. (Three if needed!)
Their products go through the ringer before they earn the Yankee Candle label. The fragrances are created by master perfumers and are then screened, reviewed and rigorously tested by a team of fragrance experts. What makes it through? Only the greatest fragrances that you can be passionate about.


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