We have volunteer opportunities for all interests and commitment levels!

This page is available as an easy to print download here.

Please note that not all volunteer opportunities require clearances. Family members who help at events such as BINGO Night, the Spring Fair, or the Talent Show are not required to have clearances. View the policy at http://www.upperdarbysd.org/pdf/916-_July_2015.pdf to determine if you need to obtain your clearances.

UDSD Volunteer Policy 
In July 2015, the Upper Darby School District Volunteer Policy was updated to comply with new PA State laws. You can view the policy at http://www.upperdarbysd.org/pdf/916-_July_2015.pdf. The policy defines what constitutes a visitor as opposed to a volunteer. People who help in the classroom on a regular basis (such as homeroom parents), chaperone field trips, and those who routinely volunteer in the school (such as library volunteers), will need to have clearances. Check the full policy to see if your involvement would be considered a visitor or volunteer.
These clearances are good for three years and are an investment in your child’s education. Detailed instructions including links to obtain these clearances can be found on the District website: http://www.upperdarbysd.org/services-sp-20576/human-resources/forms-and-clearances. 

Garrettford is proud of our strong community of volunteers. These rules were put in place to keep our children safe!  Two of the clearances are free to volunteers and the FBI Clearance is $27. All three clearances are good for three years. If you have concerns about the $27 fee to obtain your clearances please contact Home & School. We are committed to continuing our long history of volunteer support for the school. Please don’t hesitate to email us with questions.

Volunteers are required to do the following:
1. Obtain the PA Criminal Record Background Check (Free for volunteers!), the FBI Criminal Clearance (requires fingerprinting and costs $27), and the PA Child Abuse History Clearance (Free for volunteers!) Details on how to obtain these clearances are below.
2. Print and complete the Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form which can be found HERE.
3. Print and complete the Volunteer Application which can be found HERE.
4. Return the 3 clearances, the Arrest/Conviction Report, and Certification Form, and the Volunteer Applications to the Principle via the Main Office.
There are three clearances you must obtain in order to become a volunteer:
NOTE: In situations where they ask for an organization or agency, you may list Upper Darby School District.


1. PA Child Abuse Clearance (now FREE to volunteers)
-You will need to create an account to obtain this clearance. Click on “Create Individual Account.”
-During the first step, you should be sure to select “Volunteers Having Contact with Children.” The volunteer category would be “other” and you can use “Upper Darby School District” as the Agency Name.
-Be prepared to provide the following:
  • Addresses where you have previously lived since 1975; partial addresses are acceptable;
  • Names of all individuals with whom you have lived since 1975, including parents, guardians, siblings, spouses, and roommates; and
  • Any previous names that you have used or names that you have been known by.

-You’ll receive an email confirmation of your submission and will receive the results within 14 days.


2. PA Criminal History Report (now FREE to volunteers)

-This is a very simple form which you can complete online at https://epatch.state.pa.us/.
-Click on “New Record Check” (Volunteers only)
-You receive the results immediately when you complete this online. Be prepared to print your Certification Form when you finish.

3. FBI Criminal History Report  ($27)

This report requires your fingerprints. Once you have had your fingerprints taken you can return your PAE number (on the receipt from Cogent) to the District as proof you have obtained this clearance.

You must register (online or by phone) prior to getting your fingerprints taken. There are a few locations for fingerprinting in Delaware County including the DCIU in Morton. If you plan to go to the DCIU (Delaware County Intermediate Unit) you must schedule an appointment in advance using your Registration ID.

To register online go to https://www.pa.cogentid.com/index.htm and select “Pennsylvania Department of Education.”

Then click on “Register Online”
You will provide basic information to register and will pay a $27 fee. You will receive an email confirmation after you register which will include a Registration ID. You will need to registration ID in order to get your fingerprints taken.
Once you have registered you may use the list of Fingerprint Locations & Hours Map to find the most convenient location. There are several sites in Delaware County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia which are reasonably close to Drexel Hill.

If you choose to use the DCIU you will need to schedule an appointment using the Fingerprint Locations & Hours Map link noted below. There are several locations in the area which offer walk-in service on a first come, first serve basis. Those options include the UPS Store in Wynnewood and the UPS Store in Glen Mills.

Volunteers will also need to complete the Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification form.

Finally, all 
volunteers must also apply to the School Principal, by completing the application here: http://www.upperdarbysd.org/pdf/916-AR-1-NonStaffVolunteerApplication_7-15-2015.pdf. You will need to hand in copies of the three clearances, the Arrest/Conviction Report, and Certification Form, the Act 126 Training Certificate of Completion, as well as this Volunteer Application to the Principal via the Garrettford Main Office.